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This is Somali Blog where all Somali information and Telecommunication technologists talk about technology, exchange ideas and learn form each other so we can harness skills that everybody has and find a way to use that to create some business opportunities that will be beneficial to Somalis. SomalitechNews welcomes all Somali expats, telecommunication entrepreneurs[fastest growing industry in Somalia] and those who work in technology to make some contribution to this Blog.

Digital Technology is today a critical infrastructure inthe growing global digital economy,and countries that fail to invest in broadband infrastructure risk being excluded from today’s online economy, as well as the next stage of the digital revolution. Given the prolific spread of mobile technology there is good reason to follow technology trend and find ways to create business opportunities that can help Somalis in Somalia.

According Broadband commission the total number of smartphones is expected to exceed 3 billion by 2017, with the number of smartphones sold in Africa and the Middle East expected to increase four-fold from 29.7 million units sold in 2011 to 124.6 million by 2017 (Report compiled by Pyramid Research). Just knowing this alone highlights the opportunities that exist in the developing countries that all of us need to be aware of. The smart mobile technology is still expanding, the place to watch now are developing countries like Somalia where the telecommunication industry has grown fast and it will continue to grow even more with the introduction of  this new mobile technology.

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